「MARIA OZAWA【Official】」が新しいYouTube動画「小澤マリア|動画をアップできずごめんなさい!Lama tidak bertemu!Long time no see!」を投稿しました!

小澤マリア|動画をアップできずごめんなさい!Lama tidak bertemu!Long time no see!

小澤マリアの運営するYouTubeチャンネル「MARIA OZAWA【Official】」が新しい動画「小澤マリア|動画をアップできずごめんなさい!Lama tidak bertemu!Long time no see!」を投稿しました!

「MARIA OZAWA【Official】」はチャンネル登録者数 248,000人の人気YouTubeチャンネル。


小澤マリア|動画をアップできずごめんなさい!Lama tidak bertemu!Long time no see!

 MARIA OZAWA【Official】   小澤マリア  


  • Look after yourself Maria! I had an experience which taught me a lesson. I thought I was tough, because when I was young I was tough. But I made a big mistake - I played football on holiday with some guys half my age. Next day I could'nt walk. Age catches all of us, even if we think we are fit.
  • Terbaik BoBoiBoy
  • Maria,maybe it was your sleeping position.sometimes,too much elevated can cause pain or maybe even stiff neck.If I was just there,I would give you a soft massage.Take care and we hope you get better
  • I hope you continue to feel better and recover Maria.
  • This video shows how you like other people's health. Take care of yourself. May God bless you always..
  • By not drinking for 2 weeks you had to lose weight. You look thinner and healthier!
  • kon'nichiwa, go aisatsu ☺
  • Sorry! Good luck getting better! Also stays beauty! ❤ Godspeed Glads u're having fun though!
  • Take good care of yourself Maria...O daiji ni❤️✌️
  • Shoutout to u❤
  • Ada apa dengan Maria Ozawa sampai Lehernya patah?
  • kirey ne.
  • Maria ozawa ngay cang xinh .....
  • We will always worry about you Maria because we're fans and that's what fans do we love unconditionally and only wish for the best always ❤️
  • Take Care In Work,Im Message In Instagram Not Respon.NO.1 Take Care Oke.Miss You Queen.Pray Me Recover.No Drinking Alkhohol And No Smoking Vave Oke Queen.
  • ❤✨
  • Get well and take care of yourself first, see a doctor
  • Oh Maria, I hope your neck heals. I love you.



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